Do You Need To Repair Your
Credit To Get Approved
For A Home Loan?

We can help fix your credit and raise
your score so you can get approved for a home loan

We have helped
hundreds of clients repair their credit to purchase a home

76% of negative
items successfully deleted

credit (approval guaranteed)

Average Credit
Score Up 127 Points In 90 Days

5 star client reviews


How It Works


Once you sign up, we immediately review your credit reports to identify the problems and compose a plan to fit your needs and goals.


We communicate directly with your creditors and the credit bureaus so we can dispute inacurrate, outdated and unverifiable information on your credit report.


Your credit will be updated each Month to reflect the changes taking place. The progress of your account can be monitored online 24/7 in your client portal.

Aazim Sharp, FICO Pro

Like many of you, my family and I have been where you find yourself now. Understanding that most credit bureaus were on a campaign of disinformation to pull the wool over the eyes of financially struggling Americans, I was despondent but didn’t despair. Instead, realizing that repairing my credit was no walk in the park, I spent years educating myself to become the nation’s leading authority on home loan personal credit repair.

Having turned my life around and secured the home loan that I needed, I founded Leaf Credit knowing that I could help others achieve their ambition to secure a mortgage and their right to become homeowners. Now ten years later, the Nation’s #1 Home Loan Personal Credit Repair Company is proud to successfully help ordinary Americans overcome the same challenges that my family and I once faced to secure a home loan.

Contact us now to set up a FREE, no-obligation consultation if you want to benefit from the empathy, positive attitude, and results orientated approach of our seasoned professional team. Our methods are rigorous and proven, but most of all we listen, are transparent, straight talking and want to help you.


You Risk Nothing

If working with us doesn’t benefit your credit in 90 days, we’ll give you a full, hassle-free refund

Money Back Guarantee

If you have no items removed from your credit report or your credit score has not increased, we’ll offer a full refund upon request.

Lifetime Warranty

If any of the items that we dispute, show up at any time, we’ll dispute them free of charge.

Cancel Anytime

Our service is on a month to month agreement.
There are no long term contracts or commitments.

Free Credit Repair Consultation

We would like to offer you a free no obligation consultation. One of our credit advisors will contact you to discuss your credit issues.