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Never Lose Another Commission
Because Your Client's Credit
Didn't Qualify

Close 47.5% more transactions in less than 6 months GUARANTEED...

From The Desk Of Aazim Sharp
-New Jersey

Dear Future Partner...

You spend your hard earned money and valuable time generating home buyer leads and prospects but more than 60% never close due to credit problems.

If I can show you how to generate more leads, convert more leads to clients and close a minimum of 2-5 extra transactions each month with minimum effort and zero out of pocket cost, would that have a big impact on your income and lifestyle?

A Legitimate, Easy, Proven Strategy To Earn More,
Work Less and Build A Massive Pipeline

Nothing is more disappointing than generating lead after lead only to have a large majority not qualify due to credit scores. Or maybe you're not generating enough leads and the instability in your income has caused you to work a second job.

Does any of this sound familiar...

  • You have a great conversation with a new prospect, you're ready to get the ball rolling only to find out their credit is horrible and you have to break the news to them.
  • Your new client tells you they know their credit isn't the best, you provide them with information to work on their credit and you never hear back from them.
  • Closing day is slowly approaching, you're excited and you've pretty much made plans on how you'd spend your commission and the borrower's credit score suddenly drops and the deal is delayed or either dead.
  • The last few months were great, but the buying season is just about over and you're pipeline is kind of empty. You start to operate out of desperation.

Two Big Mistakes That Stop Most Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers and Real Estate Investors from becoming top producers is...

1.  Not CONSISTENTLY generating enough leads through a low or no cost marketing campaign.

2.  Letting clients who don't qualify due to credit, just walk away and never offering them a real solution that actually works and keeps them in your pipeline.

Great News!  I can help you generate new leads every day, convert more than half of those leads to clients  AND turn those credit turn downs to closed transaction at NO COST TO YOU.

Over The Past 7 Years I have Legally Repaired Credit
For More Than 1200 People Who Are Now Home Owners

My name is Aazim Sharp and I'm a certified FICO Pro, founder of L.E.A.F Credit Repair, a national credit repair company and author of The Ultimate Credit Repair Guide.

I help people legally and quickly repair their personal credit, build their credit and boost their scores.

Over the past 7 years...

  • I am now working with many of the nation's top companies in to help their unqualified credit clients legally repair their credit so they can qualify for a loan.
  • I have made several guest appearances on local and national radio shows to discuss credit repair and the federal legislation that governs the actions of the credit reporting agencies.
  • Legally, i have repaired credit for more than 1200 people who have since purchased a home.
  • I wrote and published a book called "The Ultimate Credit Repair Guide:  Get the house,  cash and car you want"
  • I have maintained a 5 star verified national client rating from all present and past clients.

My Mission Is To Help My Real Estate Partners Close More Transactions By Helping Their Clients Legally and Quickly Repair Their Credit, Build Credit and Boost Their Credit Scores

Recently I was a great speaker on the Atlanta real estate forum radio show to discuss how to improve a bad credit score and talk about the importance of maintaining a good credit score. The hosts of the show Todd Schnick and Carol Morgan were gracious and welcoming to me and my followers. When asked how I got into the credit repair business and why i started L.E.A.F Credit Repair I had to reflect back and take a stroll down memory lane.

Things weren't always great for me...

Years ago I had to overcome some difficult challenges I was facing. Thanks be to God and hard work, my family and I are in a much better place today.

Before I started my credit repair company I didn't know  much about credit.  My personal credit was destroyed  after the crash of the real estate market in 2007. I was broke, had no money to pay my bills and i fell into a deep state of depression.

I made the decision to stop feeling sorry for myself and suddenly i  became relentless about changing my situation for the sake of my wife, my children and myself.

The bulk of all my time was spent in the library reading and studying consumer law and trying to discover loopholes in the system, how credit really works and all the other little hidden secrets of the credit reporting agencies.The things  they don't want us to know! After i learned enough information i was able to legally fix my credit, rebuild my life and get back on track.

Considering the now i knew more about credit and the laws that impact and protect consumers than most people could ever imagine and i was able to successfully fix my own credit and help out a few close friends and family I made the decision to apply what i know and help others escape the nightmare that i went through.  I walked away from a lucrative real estate development career  and focused all of my time  in the world of consumer credit repair because I knew there we're millions of people that i could help.

My mission is to help others overcome the pain that bad credit caused me and my family and to give people the tools they need to prevent the credit reporting agencies and creditors from taking advantage of them.

Generate More Leads, Convert More Leads To Clients
and Become a Top Producer In Your Market
Within 6 Months

Unfortunately , 87%  of real estate agents fail within the first 5 years because of a lack of clients. Not having an effective lead generation, lead nurturing system is one of the most important components that is overlooked. Not to mention the large majority of transactions that are lost due to credit problems that could probably have been resolved. Many  Realtor, Loan Officer and Real Estate Investor professionals lose money left and right by mistakenly focusing only on the clients they can close TODAY. I understand that time  can be limited and you need a check today, but finding a solution, a real solution to help those credit turn downs would not only benefit your present and future income, it would also make a positive impact in the lives of the people that want to buy a home. Some real estate professionals short-sightedly look for the  low hanging fruit  Only about 2% of real estate professionals offer a solution to the  80% of home buyer prospects who don't qualify for a loan  80% because of credit and income.  Out of that massive 80% crowd, approximately 60% of those prospects have credit issues , many that can be resolved with the right professional help. The people who have decided to take action and provide their clients with a solution to their credit problems that are reaping big rewards and enjoying the financial benefit of having a massive pipeline of buyers that they would have typically lost.

I know you're different though. By reading this , it shows that you want more ,you're ready to break away from the pack and become a top producer in your market. Reading this shows that you are serious and you're ready to make a drastic change in your career and boost your income now.

Look at a few of the outstanding benefits you'll get
after you enroll  into our affiliate program
at absolutely NO COST.

  • Benefit 1 - Market your service to our growing database of more than 15,000 clients and gain instant FREE instant national exposure.
  • Benefit 2 - Earn generous commissions, supplement your income and gain immediate financial security.
  • Benefit 3 - Close more transactions and boost your income closing deals your competitors are turning away.
  • Benefit 4 - Track your entire pipeline of leads and clients through your very own secured online affiliate portal and never lose another client.
  • Benefit 5 - Get free marketing materials and strategies created by some of the nation's best marketers and generate new buyer and seller leads every day. (banner ads, email campaigns, phone scripts, postcards, flyers, etc)

And Much Much More...

When you become an affiliate with L.E.A.F Credit Repair, you'll...

Make more money, work less and gain an unfair advantage over your competitors. Guaranteed!

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Become a top producer in your market

Wouldn't  It Be Great To Never Lose Another Commission Because  A Client's Credit Didn't Qualify...

Our affiliate partners have become some of the top producers in their field after working with us for less than six months. One thing that I've noticed about top producers is , they're willing to try things out, if it works they keep doing it, if it doesn't work they stop. It's just that simple for them. They don't need to be sold, they make decisions quickly and reverse on them slowly. This type of mindset separates top producers from low producers.

Pete Serverino

Increased his income by 63%
in less than 6 months

Impressed with their service. I had a good experience with Leaf Credit Solutions. I worked with Aazim Sharp. He was very knowledgeable and had great communication. I was happy I made the choice to work with his service. I will definitely refer them.

Pete Serverino, Sr Loan Officer - First Alliance Home Mortgage
Brock Hyatt

Closed loans he typically passed on

I am proudly writing this recommendation for Aazim and Leaf Credit Solutions. I was introduced to Aazim through a colleague of mine and could not be happier with his services. He is a true professional in his industry of credit repair and delivers on what he promises. 

Brock Hyatt, Branch Manager - Absolute Home Mortgage
Sharena Flowers

My business has benefited tremendously because of my relationship with
Leaf Credit Repair.

All of my clients are happy with their results. I highly recommend them!

Sharena Flowers, Real Estate Broker - Maison Fleur Realty
Linda Alexandroff

Aazim and his staff are quick and smooth

I met Aazim at a networking event. His attention to detail is wonderful. He truly works with each client to ensure they have the best opportunity to repair their credit and move on with their goals. Credit repair can be difficult but Aazim makes sure it moves smoothly and quickly.

Linda Alexandroff, Realtor - Coldwell Banker

A Few Important  Facts You Should Consider...

After reading this you'd be crazy not to break out your old files from clients who couldn't  get approved within the last 12 months or less. If you add up the lost revenue, it will probably disturb you. But let's not focus on the past, it's a new day and new opportunities are in front of you. But let's not focus on the past, it's a new day and new opportunities are in front of you. Some of those old leads can be easily revived and put back into your pipeline.  One of the highest response rate email's for reviving old buyer leads will be provided to you once you apply to the affiliate program. Once you send out the email, you'll get some of those lost clients back into your pipeline, just like many of our affiliate partners have after using that simple 15 word email. The best part is that it won't cost you a dime!

This is a 100% FREE affiliate program that was created for real estate professionals by a real estate professional who has walked in your shoes. There is zero sign up cost, no monthly cost, no requirement to recruit others, we're not a multi level marketing company. And one of the perks is that you get paid every time one of your client's enroll for credit repair. We'll do 100% of the work for you, keep you updated and we'll keep every client updated through their secured online client portal. You just focus on the clients who do qualify and we'll  help you generate more leads, convert more than half of those leads to clients and  repair credit for the client's who don't qualify due to credit so they can purchase a home within six months or less. And you can conveniently monitor the entire process right online.

What Your Clients Will Get When They Sign Up...

What Clients Are Saying About L.E.A.F Credit Repair...

Fathiyyah Salaam

Purchased 3 family home

Very professional and helpful. Because of Leaf Credit Solutions, I am finally in a position to purchase my first home. I have been trying to get things right for about 4 years and Leaf Credit Solutions put me on the correct path to rebuilding my credit.

Fathiyyah Salaam, East Orange NJ
Lavaba Mallison

All negative items successfully removed

I am actually very pleased with my results from Leaf Credit Solutions. My wife used someone else and I started after her, but my thing was completed first, and she is paying much more than I was paying. They are very reasonably priced and I have already sent three customers over to them. A lot of people out there promise a magic solution that they never deliver, but Leaf Credit Solutions does exactly what they say they will do in their step by step process. You get more than what you pay for.

Lavaba Mallison, Newburn NC
Richard Nunn

Purchased 2 family home

“A wonderful service. Leaf Credit Solutions raised my credit score for me. They got rid of some derogatory items by disputing them with the creditors. I’m very, very surprised and satisfied  with them. It’s a blessing to have a good credit. Between the house, the car, and all these other bills, I never thought having good credit was doable, but it is. I highly recommend Leaf Credit Solutions. I’ve referred them to my friends and family.”

Richard Nunn, Jersey City NJ

Every client that you refer will receive our No Risk, No questions asked triple warranty.

3 Easy Words: You. Risk. Nothing

Just a Few More Added Bonuses Our Affiliates Get...

Bonus #1

Free social media management. We schedule your post for Monday - Saturday

Bonus #2

Free credit repair for you and your spouse (if needed)

Bonus #3

Free email follow up campaign. Dan Kennedy style marketing tactics.
The Fortune is in the follow up

Bonus #4

Lead Generation marketing materials specifically for Realtors, Loan Officers and Real Estate Investors.

My Guarantee To You

I publicly guarantee that if you apply to my credit repair affiliate program and you don't increase your income by at least 47.5% within the first 6 months, i'll personally pay you $1,000 cash out of my pocket and i'll also give you free credit repair service for 10 people you want to pass it on to.

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Become a top producer in your market

If you're not a top producer in your market, you'd be insane to skip this limited time free offer.

Each day that you wait and you decide not to offer your clients a solution to resolve their credit issues, you will continue to lose money and and opportunities that your competitors are waiting to take advantage of. Statistics show that out of those denied for a home loan today up to 20% buy a home in 12 months from another lender. This is an important fact you should consider if you want to increase your income.

Sophia Lawson

I've referred many of my friends

I have been very pleased with the work they have done for me and my husband. I can't thank them enough

Sophia Lawson, Atlanta, GA
Lawrence Brown

Purchased his first home

Best decision I made in a long time! I recommend them to anyone who has credit problems and want to purchase a home.

Lawrence Brown, Houston TX